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My name is Tom Meintjes.

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I teamed up with Helgaard and Heinrich (twin brothers!) to bring you this amazing book!

Helgaard and Heinrich are entrepreneurs who have packaged all their years of experience in the chemical industry in such a way that it will kick-start you as a business owner or operator dramatically - making thousands without having to fork out hundreds to start.

Their book: Manufacturing Cleaning and Chemical Products, is the result of experience gained over a period of twelve years in the chemical industry, accumulating, manufacturing, and testing different formulas to produce a high quality range of detergents, cleaners and chemical products.

These are the same products as those used world wide in all industries, households, factories, offices and public buildings every day.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If, within 60 days, you have not made any money from any of our formulas you may request a 100% refund - no questions asked. We're not worried because we know these books can make you rich if you seriously make use of it.

So, the risk is all on us. Order your copy of a section of Cleaning and Chemical Product Manufacturing today from Clickbank here and you can immediately download it and start your new business.

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Two things to remember:

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tommeintjes at is my personal and only email address and I don't like receiving spam, as I think you do too, therefore your email to me is treated as privileged information.

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